Instructions for Year-Round Strategic Planning


1.  Stage 1 begins with each chapter conducting a SWOT analysis or organizational review of the current state of the chapter by using the Annual Accreditation feedback report that is given to each chapter at Balfour LTW check-in. Year-round strategic planning is now a 4 stage process. There are chapter assessment resources in the Balfour LTW participant binders.

2.  Stage 2 begins with hosting the Strategic Visioning Journey Retreat in the Fall of 2017. has all the information for how to host the retreat. Deadline to host the retreat is November 1, 2017. Once your chapter has completed the retreat, you need to login to the strategic planning site at Open your 2016 plan to see what kind of goals you had last year. Make sure to mark any goals as complete before beginning your 2017 plan. To mark a goal as complete, open your plan and click “edit”. Under each goal, fill in the complete date at the bottom by picking a date from the calendar. Each chapter will see a list of imcomplete goals at the top of their menu labeled "incomplete goals". 

3.  Login to the strategic planning website using the chapter’s master account information. This can be found on the front of the Annual Accreditation feedback report that is given to each chapter when they check-in at Balfour LTW each summer. If you lost your username and password for your chapter, contact

4.  Once your chapter is logged in, click “Create a strategic plan” from the top menu bar. You can also view your past strategic plans by clicking the link on the right hand side menu labeled “Reports.”

5.  Now that a new blank strategic plan is open, follow each step to create the 2017 strategic plan. Each step asks for different information, so please read the instructions for clarification.

6.  Each chapter must enter at least 3 goals. However, more than 3 goals can be added. There is no limit.

7.  Once the plan is completed, click the “Save” button at the bottom.

8.  After creating and saving your strategic plan, Stage 2 is complete.

9.  Stage 3 consists of each chapter updating their strategic plan before their Province conference. They must login and add any new goals throughout the year. If a chapter elects new officers, there will be new goals to record from those new officers. Each chapter must mark-off old goals as completed if they have been accomplished. This is done by logging-in and clicking "our incomplete goals" tab at the top of the strategic planning website menu.

10.  The 4th stage and last submission point is right before you fill out the Annual Report (Peterson Application). The Annual Report requires each chapter to update their strategic plan throughout the year; otherwise they will not receive full points. The goal is for chapters to login to this website monthly and track their progress on each goal. Every time a chapter has elections or an officer retreat, they should be adding new goals to this website and checking off completed goals. 

11.  Every chapter will be able to view their prior year strategic plans every time they login. Each chapter will also get quarterly reminders to login and look at their plans to update completed goals.


If you have questions, concerns, or feedback, please contact