The Year-Round Strategic Planning Process

Each chapter’s success is dependent on ensuring that each and every brother shares a similar vision for the year. Because of this, achieving results within your chapter is vitally linked to the development of a Chapter Strategic Plan. The planning process focuses the efforts of all chapter officers, members, advisors and mentors to ensure that everyone in the organization understands the specific role they will play in achieving results. Strategic Planning is a continuing process … not something you do once a year at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop and then forget. The power of the process comes only when you use and refer to your plans regularly. Sigma Chi has developed a 4 stage year-round strategic planning process incorporating Balfour LTW, the Journey Chapter Retreat Program, local Province Conferences and the Chapter Annual Peterson Report.


Balfour LTW Strategic Planning Components


1. We begin the yearly strategic planning process at Balfour Leadership Training Workshop by asking all chapter officers to complete a current chapter assessment or SWOT analysis which incorporates a review and discussion of the Accreditation Summary Report provided at registration. This summary provides insight into the current state of the chapter according to this year’s accreditation report. 

2. The chapter will define some goals. Goals point the way for the mission statement. They state in specific measurable terms what your chapter hopes to achieve in the next 6 –12 months. Goals should be S.M.A.R.T.—Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. These are goals that the officers will bring back to the chapter and gain buy-in. The chapter will add and modify goals before hosting the Strategic Visioning Journey Retreat.

✓a specific action..................Raise chapter GPA

✓a measurable .23%

✓and a deadline the end of the second semester


Post-Balfour LTW Strategic Planning Components

STAGE 2 - Host the Strategic Visioning Journey Retreat at your chapter, facilitated by a local alumnus volunteer. Must be completed by November 1, 2017. The retreat is roughly 4 hours and focuses on helping each chapter further develop their goals and action plans. The chapter must develop action plans to accomplish each goal. Determine who will be responsible for completing each action and when each action should be completed. Determine the roadblocks or barriers that you may encounter in implementing your goals. Document the proactive steps you can take to overcome each roadblock/barrier. Identify your resource needs (e.g., financial, facilities, people, time, or equipment). Define what you have, what you’ll need, and your plan to get needed resources. Gaining buy-in and commitment from chapter members and diligent execution of your plans are the next vital steps in the process. After hosting the retreat, upload your Strategic Plan on this website;


STAGE 3 - Review your Strategic Plan with your chapter during your Province Conference. Update your plan based on adjustments throughout the year. If you held elections during the school year and your new officers have transitioned into their roles, update new goals into your strategic plan at


STAGE 4 - During the Spring, complete the Chapter Annual Peterson Accreditation Report and evaluate the effectiveness of your strategic plan. Remember, your Peterson score and eligibility will be affected if you don’t update your strategic plan during the Spring semester. Make any final adjustments or updates to your plan and prepare for the next Balfour LTW by gaining chapter feedback on goals for the next academic year. Utilizing all aspects of this planning process in collaboration with your yearly chapter operations and officer transitions is essential to the success of each and every Sigma Chi chapter.



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